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Central Christian Church Gilbert Campus

Gilbert, Arizona


Client: Central Christian Church
Congregation Size: 4,200
Acres: 155-Acre Master Plan
Size: 89,123 sq. ft. (Phase 1)
Status: Phase 1 Complete

One of the country’s fastest growing churches took the first step in becoming a multi-campus church with the purchase of a second site. A desire to reach the community beyond the church drove their efforts to promptly establish a permanent presence on the 155-acre site. To accomplish this, the new site needed to be developed in phases. All buildings completed in the initial phase are planned to become something different in future phases.

The concept is built around the metaphor of a desert land form: the alluvial fan and its braided stream pattern. The braided stream connects all parts of the alluvial fan, as the “spirit of Church” connects all of its ministries within the campus and the surrounding community. The circulation through this site represents the braided stream while the buildings become the remnants of an alluvial event. The architectural character is a contemporary interpretation of historic land forms and ancient structures found throughout the Southwest.

Phase I of the new campus encompasses a 30-acre portion comprising four buildings: an interim worship center/future student and sports center for 1,200 people, an elementary education building, a nursery/preschool building, and an administration/youth building.

The final build-out of this155-acre campus master plan is designed to include a worship center for 6,000 congregates, a youth and activity center, a state-of-the-art children’s center, theatre/multipurpose space for +2,500, and an adult classroom/education space.

Project Sheet

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