Creative Design | Student Housing

Although the selection of a college or university is a decision largely based on location and academic programs, an increasing number of students and their families are looking for the quality, type, and standard of living offered by student housing facilities as the deciding factor.

Contributing to the recent significant increase in student housing improvements at colleges and universities, is the desire to leverage these improvements in a way to differentiate themselves from their competing institutions. Secure and well-maintained housing facilities, combined with creative and positive resident life programs, support the recruiting process and greatly assist universities in both attracting and retaining highly qualified students beyond their first year of academic life.

At Todd & Associates, we are continually exploring new innovative ways to improve the design of student housing communities. Exploring new ideas, such as the multi-phased process at the 21st Century Project of ACUHO (Association of College and University Housing Officials), the design identities of these communities that can better reflect the ever-changing roles their residences play in the collegiate experience.